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Innovation for those who need it the most

Smart homes are not just for the rich and tech-savvy – at least not when the dynamic and driven team at Good Housing have a say in the matter!

Dedicated to an enhanced tenant experience from early in the pre-design phase of each project, Antony Anisse and his uncle Sam Graiche use their lived experience of having cousins/nephews with disabilities to ensure cutting-edge innovations are included in their delivery of Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) housing.

Good Housing assists in re-homing tenants from otherwise passive living environments

This includes aged care facilities, and rehabilitation centres and hospitals – into ergonomic and purposefully tailored homes to empower those with complex physical and mental disabilities to live independently.

Getting right to it, Good Housing went directly to customers through an open market process: allowing for every tenant – anyone in the market – to determine and decide what kind of dwelling they wanted to live in, who they wanted to live with, and what type of support provider they needed.

After selecting locations based on needs assessed by Supported Independent Living Providers and National Disability Insurance Scheme Reports, Good Housing work with their tenants through their SDA journey.

Through regular conversations and feedback loops with tenants, they design homes that provide a balance of independent private spaces that have easy access to interaction and connection with others for socialisation. To future-proof these properties, most have provisions for customisation and accessibility modifications to be made, such as scope for ceiling hoists.

Rapid growth sees new housing projects

Backed by impact investments, Good Housing has grown rapidly since its first two pilot homes in Mount Colah – Oak Tree and Apple Tree. Good Housing is still on track to deliver 300 smart and healthy homes within 5 years, to transform the lives of over 300 people.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic with site shutdowns and construction supply chain issues, Good Housing has found a way to build an incredibly impressive pipeline of housing projects into 2023. Stay tuned for their next update that will showcase their exciting foray into Victoria!

Once built, they make every effort to provide -residents with a warm welcome into their new home. This final touch was sorely missed during lockdowns, but they are back on now much to everyone’s delight.

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Luke Maroun and Marco Graiche, nephew and son of Sam Graiche

Lilly Pilly, Dee Why

Lilly Pilly opened its doors in February 2022 to five tenants. The development consists of four high physical support (HPS) villas and one fully accessible villa.

Tenants are enjoying settling into their new home and making it theirs. Enabling tenants to lead independent lives is at the core of Good Housing’s mission.

Some of the innovations in design and structural features ensure these homes are comfortable, resilient and enhance tenants’ standard of living include:

  • smart lighting,
  • electronic and automatic blinds,
  • adjustable benchtops in height and dimensions for HPS needs
  • resilient construction for robustness,
  • soft impact flooring (vinyl), safety glass and reinforced walls – and of course,
  • Smart assistive technology (Siri/Alexa)
  • sensory rooms
  • curated furniture and interiors 

The Good Housing way is bringing new, innovative and best practice norms to the homes they provide. Learn more about them here.

Faith Housing Alliance is not a housing provider or a direct support service.

If you are seeking emergency accommodation, visit Link2Home.